Fun Lawn Games For Families

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Fun Lawn Games For Families

Welcome to Green Grass Mower, where we want you to have fun with your family. If you have a beautiful well-trimmed yard, then you will want to spend time in it. Lawn games are a great way to use a beautiful lawn and get your family outdoors. This can be especially important if you need to get moving more. In order to help you out, we have found some great games to play on your lawn. Keep reading below for some fun game ideas and to learn how to play them.

Landscaping Ideas


CornholeCornhole has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Many country fairs incorporate the game and even have tournaments for cash prizes. If you’ve always wanted to try the game but don’t want to deal with the people, then play it on your lawn. Many stores now have corn hole sets that come with one or two boards and a few bean bags. You can even get different colored bean bags if you want to split into teams.

The game is simple to make the bean bag go into the hole to score a point. In the end, the player with the most points wins. This game is better for older kids unless you buy a small set. Keep in mind that kids will have a much harder time throwing the bean bags then you will. This is a great chance to give them pointers or even join their team to help them win. If you get good enough at the game, you may even be able to win prizes at the next fair.


croquetCroquet that has been around since the 1800s. The game is simple to play and easy to enjoy. Croquet sets can now be found for cheap, and you can get enough mallets for the whole family to play. To set up Croquet, you will need to put two wooden sticks in your yard. The distance of these sticks can be adjusted to meet your children’s needs. There are even versions of the game that don’t use in-ground sticks if you are afraid of messing up your lawn.

Once you have the markers set, assign everyone a color. Most sets will have a matching mallet and ball set to keep things organized. You play by placing the ball on the ground and tapping it. The main goal is to hit the marker in as few hits as possible. The player with the least amount of turns will win at the end of the game.


BadmintonIf you have pre-teens or teenagers, then badminton is a solid choice. The game requires you to buy a set and place a net on flat ground in your yard. Once you have located the net and decided how you want to play. Many badminton sets come with two to four rackets allowing you to play on teams. This is a great chance to make a parent vs. child game or get closer to your kids. 

While it does play similar to tennis, badminton has some major differences. For starters you don’t use a ball, but instead you use a birdie. Birdies are light and can’t be spiked. In addition, you will have to hit them much harder to keep them in the air. Many players will actually be caught off guard by the ease of hitting the birdie out of bounds. The first player or team to twenty-one points will win the match.

OutDoor Chess & Checkers

chessIf you don’t mind spending a bit of money and want a memorable game try outdoor chess. The game can be set up outdoors and be a great way to get competitive while learning strategies. The pieces for the game, but are dramatically big, but the game plays the same as regular chess. The first one to capture the other king wins the game!

If you want a simpler option or have young kids than you can opt to get a giant version of checkers instead, checkers is a game with a simpler ruleset that can be quickly taught to anyone. Additonally, it lacks the complex rule sets that can make the game harder for those who dislike strategy. Just remember that you will need room to store both of these games. Depending on which seller you get them from, they can be comically huge.

Bonus Game: Giant Jenga

jengaThis game is a giant version of Jenga. The game makes the players pull blocks out of a tower. To lose, you have to be the one that makes the tower collapse. Part of the fun is making safe plays, while at the same time trying to sabotage the other players. The game is easy to understand, making it perfect for all ages, but eatch out for falling bricks.